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Jami Rebsom Law Firm, PLLC
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Criminal Defense

DUI (misdemeanor and felony)
Aggravated Assault
Assault with a weapon
Partner or family member assault
Drug Cases (felony and misdemeanor)
Federal Criminal Cases
Practice Areas and Experience
At Jami Rebsom Law Firm, we are committed to achieving our client's goals. Jami's experience is supported with hundreds of Jury Trials in a variety of areas. In 2016, Jami was undefeated in all jury trials. In August, 2017 Jami saved a young man in a Jury Trial of being wrongfully convicted of vehicular homicide. 
Civil Practice

Family Law (Dissolution and Divorce)
Parenting Plans
Property Settlement Agreements
​Contract Law

Employment Law

Wrongful Termination
Other Areas

Orders of Protection
Restraining Orders
​Traffic Violations
Involuntary Commitment
Child Abuse and Neglect (representing parents)
Youth Court and Juvenille Defense